The craving/event will pass whether you get drunk or not.

By now you will have found ways to help get you through the cravings and situations when they come up. Hopefully, you will begin to notice that not everyone drinks the way you thought they did. Maybe you are beginning to see things a little differently. When you get caught up in the “party” drinking, you don’t notice those that drink less, only those who drink the same or more. Comparing is a way to normalize drinking patterns. Now is the time to watch those that don’t drink or drink less at parties and see if they seem to be having a good time. Being able to see this can help you successfully get through the evening or event. You will find that the longer you stay away from getting drunk and the situations where you drank too much, the less often the urge comes.

The further you get from feeling like you have to drink at parties, the more you may feel as though you maybe never had issues with it to begin with. After all, if you don’t really crave it all that often, or it is easier than you thought, how much of a problem can it be? It’s that kind of thinking that has led many people right back into their old habit of drinking. They think that if they have so few urges, then having a drink or two once in awhile to satisfy them won’t hurt anything.

The simplest and easiest way to prevent this from happening is to avoid even a single drink for right now or just today.