"You have within you a strength that is full. Depend on it."

Plan Your Next Move

Many drinkers who stop for short periods seem to lose speed and give in to their old habit. You do not have to become one of them. By talking about the possible dangers to look out for, you can avoid this. You can be doing very well, feeling very good about yourself, when suddenly the urge hits like it’s never hit before.

This often happens just as things start getting easier and you’re beginning to think that you’ve got things licked. You’ve been practicing ways to handle your college life without drinking or with the goal to cut back, but what about a special event?

For example, the first party, the first night out, or the first wedding. These special events pop up and take you by surprise. They are difficult to handle because you will often be with friends who are drinking or remind you of drinking or reminiscing about old times.

To deal with these special events, you must learn to think about them before they happen. Plan ahead and decide just how you will deal with these situations when they come. Think a few days ahead. See what is coming up that might trigger wanting to drink and plan now.