Of those Notre Dame students who choose to drink, the majority do so responsibly; 98% report using at least one harm reduction strategy.


Harm Reduction Strategies for Reducing Risk

  • Alternate non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid drinking games
  • Choose not to drink alcohol
  • Determine, in advance, not to exceed a set number of drinks
  • Eat before and/or during drinking, especially protein
  • Have a friend let you know when you have had enough
  • Keep track of how many drinks you are having
  • Pace your drinks to 1 or fewer per hour
  • Stay with the same group of friends the entire time you are drinking
  • Stick with only one kind of alcohol when drinking
  • Use a designated driver

The information in this section will help you to make responsible, informed, and safe decisions regarding alcohol, should you choose to socialize with alcohol.

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