Of those Notre Dame students who choose to drink, the majority do so responsibly; 98% report using at least one harm reduction strategy.


Harm Reduction Strategies for Reducing Risk

  • Alternate non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid drinking games
  • Choose not to drink alcohol
  • Determine, in advance, not to exceed a set number of drinks
  • Eat before and/or during drinking, especially protein
  • Have a friend let you know when you have had enough
  • Keep track of how many drinks you are having
  • Pace your drinks to 1 or fewer per hour
  • Stay with the same group of friends the entire time you are drinking
  • Stick with only one kind of alcohol when drinking
  • Use a designated driver

The information in this section will help you to make responsible, informed, and safe decisions regarding alcohol, should you choose to socialize with alcohol.

Curious what your BAC may be? Try this calculator to estimate.

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