Secondhand Effects

Many people believe that college drinking is a rite of passage. However, students who abstain or are light to moderate drinkers frequently suffer from the behavior of other students who drink heavily.

The secondary effects of heavy drinking range from small annoyances that interfere with your studies to criminal behavior. Please keep in mind the following rights you have as a student to:

  • Sleep without being interrupted by someone who is intoxicated
  • Not to have your property damaged by someone who is intoxicated
  • Never to experience sexual assault or “acquaintance” rape
  • Study in an environment free of interruptions by intoxicated individuals
  • Not to be insulted by someone who is intoxicated
  • Never experience unwanted sexual advances

Heavy drinkers negatively affect their own health and academic potential, but they can also impact the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their peers.

If any of the above become an issue for you, speak to the individual you are concerned with. If the issues continue, speak with your RA or Rector for assistance.