The craving will pass whether you get high or not.

By now you will have found ways to help get you through the cravings when they hit. Hopefully you also will begin to notice that the number of cravings has decreased. You are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know that you can successfully control your urge or your craving for a joint. You will find that the longer you stay away from it and the situations where you used, the less often the urge comes.

The further you get from the cravings, the more you may feel as though you maybe never had a problem. After all, if you don’t really crave it all that often, how much of a problem can it be? It’s that kind of thinking that has led many people right back into their old habit of getting high. They think that if they have so few urges, then having a hit or two once in awhile to satisfy them won’t hurt anything.

It’s the rare user who is able to take just a hit or two on occasion without falling back into the habit. As a former user, your past habit is always there just waiting to be lit. All it takes is one hit or one joint. As long as that old habit is still inside you, you run the risk of it coming back full strength. The simplest and easiest way to prevent this from happening is to avoid even a single hit off a joint.