“Some men succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because they are determined to.”
-Greame Clegg

One of the common mistakes someone can make when they stop using and have a slip, is to throw all they have accomplished away. Don’t allow the guilt to take over, or use a slip as an excuse to keep on using. The list below is to help you understand what to do if a slip occurs.

What To Do If You Use Again

Stop – If you use again following a period of abstinence, the first thing to do is tell your self to STOP using all substances immediately.

Make it a Slip – Feeling bad or guilty is a signal to change and not give up and keep using. Acknowledge what you feel. Guilt and disappointment are normal under the circumstances of a slip and you have to work through them.

Get Honest – Be honest with yourself. Now that the slip has occurred, being proactive by taking positive steps is a practical and meaningful way of getting back to abstinence. Get the help you need. Do what worked before.

Get Help – Immediately share your slip with some other concerned person, such as a family member, friend, sponsor, counselor, or support person. If you have been using over a period of weeks or months, seek professional intervention.

Reflect on What Went Wrong – Journaling is a good way to list and understand the circumstances that contributed to your slip. Did circumstances include a change in relationship, an alteration of goal-oriented practices, a shift in emotions or maybe an unexpected event?

Reflect on What Worked – Evaluate how well you have used your support systems in the past. Had you reduced the number of support activities prior to your relapse? What activities or friends helped to support your abstinence? Write down anything that helped you.

Get a Plan – Write out a plan and/or contact an understanding person that can assist you in writing a plan to stop using.

Cut off the slip as soon as possible— regain control. Do what you need to do to be healthy and safe!