Don’t dwell on the “good old days” – They weren’t that good.

Taking an honest look at the “bad things” that happened while high is one of the hardest things to do. When it comes to use of substances it is easier to focus on what we really thought was fun. If we stay in this thinking, return to use is almost inevitable. It is important to keep all memories in perspective. End positive thoughts of using into a negative ending. For example if you have the thought “A joint would be really nice right now” change the thought to, “I could get caught and lose going to graduate school, or my significant other would definitely end our relationship.”

A few tips to remember:

  • Never associate being high on something as pleasure.
  • Reminiscing is a symptom of psychological dependence.
  • Friends who use are likely to support and encourage the part of your brain that likes to use.
  • Healthy socializing keeps us sane and is just as fun.

Hang on to the success you have made.