“Today I will remember, total motivation through spiritual wholeness.”

A Day at a Time

Congratulations, you have reached day 30! This is no easy thing and you should be very proud of your success.

Your new freedom from using can be an important start for changing other parts of your life. When you were partying you lost time with learning and appreciating strengths that you have. Now you can use this time to enjoy yourself and the things around you.

No longer using cannabis can be a first step in making other important changes. You can do just about anything else you set your mind to achieve. The same skills that went into planning for and reaching this goal can be applied to other goals in your life.

The most important thing to remember is to take life a day at a time and focus on the positives that have come from your decision. Cravings and thoughts about getting high will return from time to time but eventually they will disappear almost completely.

Hopefully the suggestions along with the 30 day guide have been beneficial to your decision not to use. Remember you can return to this anytime for support or reminders to assist you.

Do something good for yourself today!!!