“Self congratulation is a necessary form
of communication with your body.”
-Steve Iig

Think about the great things you’re doing for your body by not getting high anymore. It’s somewhat scary to think about all the dangers and damage connected with abuse of substances. Once you have stopped, it’s good to remind yourself about how you have turned things around and how your health is starting to improve.

These are some of the fast benefits you will reap right away:

  • You have raised the amount of oxygen you get each day.
  • You should feel an increase in energy level.
  • The coughing and phlegm that can come with marijuana use will soon clear up. This is a natural cleansing system of your lungs.
  • Now you should begin to notice that your sense of smell has improved.
  • Your taste buds are perking up.

Pick an activity today to reward yourself for the progress you’ve made. Take a good deep breath and get yourself moving.