“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”
-Margaret Drabble

Most everyone who goes back to using after stopping for awhile tells the same story: “It started again with just one hit.”

There are several reasons why people can’t stop with just one when they let themselves have a joint after they have stopped. Because of the relation our brain has formed with the feeling of getting high, smoking that one joint creates the need for another hit a short time later. Once you allow yourself to break the success streak by getting high again, it’s easy to feel that one more time won’t hurt anything.

It is very important to accept that you cannot smoke even one joint.

After you’ve not gotten high for a few weeks or a month, it’s easy not to. It’s also easier not to get started again. The catch is that it is easy to go back again because, all it takes is one to start you off. Promise yourself not to smoke even “just one hit.” If you do slip, don’t give in at that point. Why slip if you can avoid using in the first place? Now is a good time to stop and make a promise to yourself that this is the last time you ever have to stop. Make sure to congratulate yourself on your progress so far.

Remind yourself of your commitment and of the reasons you are choosing to quit!