Peer Education

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Getting Real on Well-being: GROW with McWell.

Looking to get involved with McWell? Apply to be a GROW Peer Educator and be an integral part of the McWell team. By joining this group, you will encourage your fellow students to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle by managing and implementing some of McWell’s signature events, and by developing some of your own initiatives. The group is divided into two subcommittees: general well-being and emotional well-being. Each subcommittee develops their own initiatives to serve Notre Dame students’ well-being. 

Reasons to join GROW:

  • Learn about health and wellness topics
  • Foster your communication and leadership skills
  • Lead events and programs that promote well-being
  • Empower your ND peers by providing health education
  • Experience campus-wide exposure
  • Branch out and make new friends and work with a fun team

GROW Peer Educators are trained by McWell staff and will have access to continued professional development opportunities throughout their tenure, including the opportunity to become a Certified Peer Educator through the BACCHUS Initiative. There are leadership opportunities available in the form of Subcommittee Chair positions (2 per subcommittee). Time commitment varies depending on personal dedication and outreach requests throughout the academic year. Applications go live and interviews take place in the Fall, with new members joining in the Spring. 

Contact Katie Wood at for more information about our GROW Peer Educators.