Thrive Well-Being Leaders

Thrive Peer Educators

Looking to get involved with McWell?  Apply to be a Thrive Well-Being Leader and be an integral part of the McWell team.  By joining Thrive, you will encourage your fellow students to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle by managing and implementing some of McWell’s largest events like our Expo and Health Hut, plus developing some of your own initiatives. 

Reasons to join Thrive:

  • Learn about health and wellness topics like sleep, stress reduction and management, time management, finding balance, and more
  • Foster your communication and leadership skills
  • Lead events and programs that promote well-being
  • Empower your ND peers by providing health education
  • Experience campus-wide exposure
  • Branch out and make new friends and work with a fun team

All Thrive Well-Being Leaders are trained by McWell staff at the beginning of each academic year and will have access to continued professional development opportunities throughout their tenure, including the opportunity to become a Certified Peer Educator through the BACCHUS Initiative or even attend a BACCHUS conference to present on the work that Thrive does. Based on department needs, we estimate that each Thrive Leader will volunteer with McWell approximately 3 hours per week.

Interested? Apply by April 11: