Cultivate Connectedness

The Cultivate Connectedness campaign aims to provide students with tools and opportunities to cultivate connectedness on campus for themselves and others. 

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Connectedness is a strong protective factor for well-being, especially for emotional well-being (Turner et al., 2011

Online Resources

  • Cultivating Connectedness: A toolkit of activities to help make friends, ease feelings of loneliness, and strengthen a sense of connection with self and others.

  • How To Make Friends: A set of guided activities to help you understand many aspects of friendship.


    • Want to meet new people in a low-stakes way and build community on campus? Join the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being for a Shared Meal, where you will be placed in a small group to have a meal and guided conversation during the week of April 1-5. Meet with your group and have the chance to win $10 Domer Dollars. Register at by March 28th.
  • Art, Community, and Celebration event with Raclin Murphy
    • Join McWell and the Raclin Murphy to cultivate connection through art! This Friday April 26th from 2-4:30pm, explore the sculpture gardens, paint with watercolors, hang out in the hammocks, and connect with others before reading days and finals. Insomnia cookies, fruit, and tea will be provided! Located at the Raclin-Murphy Museum of Art patio area.