Restorative Spaces

A home to nurture student well-being.

Informed by the research -- and guided by insight from focus groups with students, faculty and staff -- the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being is piloting ways to integrate well-being into physical spaces across campus. Located on the 2nd Floor of Saint Liam Hall, students can reserve the following rooms at McWell:  

The Break Room

The Break Room

You work hard--it's time you give yourself a break! Reserve our Break Room with a few of your friends and come try new things in our interactive, stress-relieving space.  We have video & brain games, and creative supplies to help you relax and have fun--or stretch out on the couch for a nap.

New for Fall 2018: record player with vinyls, blankets, new games, knitting and paint supplies.



The Living Room

Living Room Resized

Welcome to your home away from home! The Living Room has been designed to meet your studying needs. Grab a cup of our free tea or coffee and a snack, and dive into your books. You'll find comfy chairs, pillows, a huge dry erase board, and a soothing fireplace.

New for Fall 2018: foldable tray tables to make studying easier.

The Fort


In need of some green? The Fort brings nature to you. Relax and unwind in McWell's nature-inspired space. You'll find cozy furniture and lighting, plants galore, and even nature sounds. Bring your books, use it for a prayer or meditative space, or take a nap - it can be tailored to meet your needs. 

New for Fall 2018: come check out the new and improved Fort! The space was relocated within our office and now includes a wall projector, which is connected to the Calm meditation app for the ultimate relaxation space. 


Reserve a McWell Restorative Space 

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Reservations are limited to two hours.