Virtual Services & Resources

Virtual Services

While the University remains vigilant against the potential impact of COVID-19 on our campus community, we are encouraged by the substantial progress made by vaccines and other safety protocols. This website details some of the facets of the University's ongoing response to COVID-19. Timely updates on policy changes and campus-wide communications will continue to be placed on this site. Other information related to health and safety, as well as general University operations, can be found on other sites where that information is usually contained.

The staff in McWell continue to provide students with both in-person and virtual services that can be accessed from different locations and time zones.  For the latest information about services and events, follow @McWellND on social media.  The following resources are accessible virtually.

Dreaming Domers Sleep Program

Sleep is important for success in all things and is especially important during stressful times to support your physical and emotional well-being.  The Dreaming Domers Sleep Program is available to students for online registration and electronic education.  For more information and to register, visit:  

Substance Use Risk Reduction Meetings

A McWell staff member is available to you to meet virtually to discuss substance use concerns in a private and non-judgmental way.  For more information, visit:  Email Mara Trionfero Lucas to schedule an appointment.

Alcohol eCheckUpToGo

The Alcohol eCheckUpToGo is an interactive web survey that allows university students to enhance their overall well-being through risk reduction around alcohol. Students enter information about their drinking patterns and receive feedback about their use of alcohol to use to make healthier choices.  For more information, visit:  If you would like to discuss your results with a McWell staff member, email Mara Trionfero Lucas to schedule an appointment.

Well-Being Content

Follow @McWellND on social media for content focused on promoting and supporting your well-being.

Virtual Workshops

Staff at McWell are available for online, virtual workshop opportunities (in addition to our traditional in-person workshops) to provide you with valuable skills for supporting your well-being.  Request a workshop for your hall or organization by filling out this form.

Virtual Resources

There are a number of great virtual resources and free content available to support your well-being.  Explore the websites or documents below to find something that works for you.

Emotional Well-Being and Resilience

Calm Premium Subscription: As a way to help students, faculty, and staff care for their emotional well-being, the University has partnered with Calm. The Calm app provides tools to help you relax, focus, and rest through guided sessions on sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Sign up for a free, premium subscription using your netID by following these instructions.

Growing Through Adversity - Resilience Toolkit: A collection of self-guided activities to strengthen your resilience skills.

Building Individual Resilience: A brief guided worksheet to support individual resilience

How to Breathe Guide: A variety of calming and energizing breathing activities.

Mindful Self Compassion: A brief guided meditation worksheet to offer yourself the same kindness you offer others.

Emotional Well-Being Conversations Toolkit: A guide for how you might support a friend or family member.

Making Meaning in Times of Loss: A worksheet to guide you through making meaning out of loss.

Navigating the Unknown: A worksheet to guide you through what you can and can not control.

Koru Mindfulness: Free guided meditations and breathing exercises.

Down Dog App: Free use of app for students, teachers, and healthcare workers.

Environmental Well-Being

Peaceful Places Guide from our GROW peer educators with spaces on campus and activities to take a brief break

Intellectual Well-Being

Take a Break - Creating a Restorative Routine: A toolkit with guidance for finding new ways to add breaks into your daily life.

How to Be Productive: A brief worksheet to support your productivity.

Time Management: A brief worksheet to help you plan your time.

Exams Planner: A toolkit to help you schedule time to study for midterms and finals.

Self Check and Staying Motivated: A brief reflection about motivation.

Creating Healthy Routines: A short worksheet to support you in creating a healthy routine that works for you.

Creating Light: Reflect, Goal Set, and Plan for the New Year: A values and reflection toolkit to help you make sure what is important to you is part of your schedule.

Physical Well-Being

Fuel Yo' Self - The Dining Halls & Beyond: A GROW peer educator guide with ideas and resources for creative and healthy eating

Social Well-Being

Cultivating Connectedness: A toolkit of activities to help make friends, ease feelings of loneliness, and strengthen a sense of connection with self and others.

How To Make Friends: A set of guided activities to help you understand many aspects of friendship.

Offering Kindness to Self & Others: A set of worksheets to guide you through offering kindness to self and others.

Spiritual Well-Being

Mindfulness Menu: A list of mindfulness, prayer, and spiritual options.