Student Involvement

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Students are the heart of McWell's work.

We're proud to say that our work is not just for students, but also driven by students. At the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, we rely on students to mobilize well-being messaging, and to be agents of change for well-being with their peers and communities. Looking to get more involved? There are multiple ways for you to engage, learn, and grow with us: 

Hall Commissioners

As a Well-Being Commissioner, you will become the go-to person for planning well-being events in your hall. Hall Commissioners have the opportunity to meet at McWell to share ideas, learn more about well-being, and have fun! Learn more.

Getting Real on Well-Being (GROW) Well-Being Peer Leaders

By joining this group, you can learn to empower your ND peers by providing health education and well-being enhancement by planning and implementing events and programs that you create. This is a great opportunity to work with other individuals who are passionate about enhancing Notre Dame students' well-being.  Learn more.

Health Hut and Hammocks

Stop by our Health Hut and Hammocks when you see us on campus for fun and educational resources that support your eight dimensions of well-being. Learn more.