Hall Commissioners

As a Well-Being Commissioner, you will become the go-to person for all things wellness in your hall. Based on the wellness needs of your specific community, you will receive a budget to plan and organize two wellness programs per year for your hall as you encourage your fellow residents to live a well-balanced lifestyle.  Hall Commissioners meet regularly at McWell to share ideas, learn more about well-being, and have fun! 

Hall Commissioner Photo

Reasons to become a Hall Commissioner with McWell: 

As a Well-Being Commissioner for your hall, you’ll have a sound understanding of key health issues that college students face.  You’ll be the person to connect your neighbors to programs and resources that support all dimensions of well-being, and not to mention you’ll be planning some of your own interactive events for your hall too.  You’ll build your skills in outreach and communication and will also get the opportunity to be a contributor to a newly-established department on campus…the chance to leave a lasting legacy!   

Interested in becoming a Commissioner with our team?  Please contact Katrina Conrad at kconrad2@nd.edu.