McWell's Sleep Awareness Week

Author: Katrina Conrad

Sleep for Success.

McWell is hosting a Sleep Awareness Week to highlight the importance of, and benefit to, prioritizing sleep from March 6-10.  Why March 6-10, you ask?  It's midterms week at ND and we know our students may be tempted to get late night study sessions in before their exams.  However, deprioritizing sleep is not the wisest strategy.  Aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep per night and adding in a 20 minute nap can help your creativity and will help you process memory, regulate emotion, and manage stress.  We encourage you to make time for sleep, especially in the "crunch time" of midterms!

Follow @McWellND on Twitter for your chance to win sleep prizes all week long.  We also invite you to text "@sleepnow" to 81010 for extra sleep tips from McWell throughout Sleep Awareness Week. 

If you'd like more information on McWell sleep services, visit this page of our website.  Happy sleeping!