Cold and Flu

Protect yourself from the flu.

Cold and Flu

Students report that having the cold or flu is one of their top academic impediments, per the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA).

You’ve probably noticed how quickly the flu and the common cold spread on a college campus. There are things you can do to reduce the spread of illness on-campus while arming yourself against the cold and flu.

  1. Get a flu vaccine.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Avoid sick people.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  5. Stop by McWell and receive a free flu kit, complete with hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap, and more.

In fact, McWell will be celebrating National Hand Washing Week. During the first week of December, McWell will be passing out free ‘good-smelling’ soaps to help reduce the spread of germs that could lead to the flu.

Four Principles of Hand Awareness

  1. Wash your hands before eating.
  2. Do not cough into your hands.
  3. Do not sneeze into your hands.
  4. Do not put your fingers into your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Find more great tips on reducing the spread of the flu below:

Campus Resources:

  • University Health Services provides additional helpful information about stopping the spread of the seasonal flu and identifying whether or not you have the flu.

National Resources: