Stock Your Toolbox

Gain a competitive edge and hack your way to more happiness.

Stock Your Toolbox is a weekly, drop-in skills workshop designed to give you tools to buffer stress, perform at higher levels, recover more quickly from setbacks, and feel happier. Anyone can learn these skills and get better at them! You will learn a new skill each week. No long lectures or detailed power points. Just a quick word on what science says about why it helps and then we’ll have time to practice. Hacks are based on the cutting edge work of researchers such as Steven Hayes, Brene Brown, Daniel Siegel, Alia Crum, Gabrielle Oettigen, Amy Cuddy, Carol Dweck, Geoffrey Cohen and many more.  If you like the skill, you can create a plan to practice it during the week. If you don’t like it, come back the following week and try a new skill! Skills are grouped in five categories.  Each week of the month, the same skill category will be covered and experienced in a unique way so no activity will be repeated in the semester.

Beginning January 23, 2019, Stock Your Toolbox takes place every Wednesday that school is in session from 3:30-4:30 pm in the McWell Living Room. No sign-up or registration is necessary - we'll see you there!

  • 1st Week of the Month: The Social Edge -  We are as happy as our relationships and relationships are a top resource in resilience and well-being.  Learn hacks to improve your social connections and feelings of belonging.
  • 2nd Week of the Month:  The Purpose Edge - What is important to you?  Where is meaning and purpose in your life? Practice the most psychologically effective tool studied to shield stress and increase confidence.
  • 3rd Week of the Month:  The Mindset Edge - When we talk to ourselves, our bodies listen.  What are you saying to yourself? It really matters. Learn simple hacks to motivate yourself, recover more quickly, and get out of your own way.
  • 4th Week of the Month:  The Mindful Edge - Awareness and focus are a skillset that gives individuals an edge academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  Everyone can get better at it and there are so many ways to practice it. Come and try some out!
  • 5th Week of the Month:  The Maintenance Edge - What are your self-maintenance fundamentals?  Assess what activities energize and rejuvenate you. And then learn ways to make and keep them as a priority to gain or maintain that competitive edge.
  • During mid-terms, the last week of class and finals week, stress management and test anxiety skills will be covered.

Attend six sessions, turn in your Edge Advantage Card and you'll be entered into a drawing for a well-being gift such as an essential oil diffuser, happy light and more! Bonus: bring a friend with you and it will count as an additional session!


For questions, contact Megan Brown, Ph.D., Interim Director at