The DH Dash: Economical Eating Can Be Healthy, Too

Author: Kenzie Isaac

I stroll into South Dining Hall at 7:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, and my eyes involuntarily dart towards the mashed potatoes. They have gravy today. I confidently walk past the stir fry, the salad bar, and baskets of fresh fruit towards my starch-laden destiny. As I inhale spoonful after spoonful of potato, I think to myself that they taste even better than they did yesterday. And on Monday. And on Sunday…

 …In college, it is easy to fall prey to the sheer variety of foods offered all around campus; what was limited to a guilty pleasure at home is now a shameless everyday reality. The influx of academic and extracurricular obligations at the beginning of the year cause many busy students to rely on salty and sugary comfort foods for extra energy to finish the day. The truth, however, is that an unbalanced diet is more likely to lead to lethargy. The demanding environment of Notre Dame means that while it is appropriate to treat yourself to mashed potatoes occasionally, the salad bar definitely deserves some love. Sometimes, it is worth walking past the chocolate cake and grabbing that apple instead. As much as you want to use those Flexpoints on a midnight study-break taco, opt for the leftover (and free) trail mix you picked up from the McWell Center. As this article observes, there are countless ways to create an eating regimen that is personalized to your needs and preferences – right at the dining hall near you. And remember: what your body needs to stay strong and satisfied is not the same as your what friends’ bodies need, so adjust your diet at your own pace, and do what is most healthy and feasible for you.