Smart Social Media

Author: Katrina Conrad

Be wise with your social media.

For our fifth week of Spring Break & Beyond, we chose to highlight Occupational Well-Being.  As you prepare for spring break travels, remember to be smart with your social media usage. Our colleagues at the ND Career Center have some great tips published on how to leverage your social media accounts for a future job search and to also protect yourself.   A former Forbes article that we stumbled across proposes that approximately 37% of employers utilize social media to screen potential candidates. While it's fun to highlight all the fun experiences you're having as a college student via pictures and posts, we recommend that you tighten up your security settings.  Ask yourself, "would I want a future employer to see this?" and if the answer is "no" just remember that once something is online it can be challenging to erase.  For more information, visit The Career Center in Flanner Hall and find this week's collectible postcards at RecSports.

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