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What is Financial Well-Being?

Using your dollars and "sense."

By now, you may have found our second collectible postcard for Spring Break & Beyond by visiting us or the Office of Student Enrichment on the second floor of LaFortune.  The featured topic of the postcard this week is Spending Wisely which connects us to our financial well-being piece of the Wellness Wheel pie.  Have you thought much about your financial well-being before?  If not, check out this article

Collect Postcards to Win Prizes: Spring Break & Beyond

Join RecSports and McWell as we travel through 10 weeks of wellness! Each week through April 3, we'll highlight a different health topic to consider integrating into your everyday life.  Stop by campus offices/events to pick up your collectible postcard filled with resources and tips for a healthier you.  Postcards and locations will change each week, so stay tuned to