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Here's a Major Health Reason to Get Outside During the Wintertime

As the days get shorter and the chilly weather rolls in, we all want to curl up in a blanket and hibernate until spring rolls around. But making time to get outside in the sun, even when it’s cold out, could have bigger mood benefits than you might realize. 

Managing Election Stress

Courtesy of the JED Foundation

If you've found recent political campaigns and the election to be emotionally challenging and dramatic, here are a few tips for you to manage the stress. Click the Jed Foundation link for descriptive details: 

  • Stick to your routine.

Here's an Election-night Meditation to help you Chill in the Final Days

In these last few days of the election, it feels like the air is thinner, and like the stakes have never been higher. According to the American Psychological Association, the election is a source of "significant stress" for 52% of Americans. Another poll, from the University of Minnesota, found that 93% of people surveyed agree this is the worst election ever.