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21 days to better sleep

Sleep is especially important to college students, but it can sometimes be the first thing we forget about when we get busy.  In partnership with Dr. Jessica Payne, ND's own renowned sleep expert, McWell brings you this program to improve cognitive performance, emotional well-being, and physical health through sleep. The program includes knowledge and tools for improving health and performance through sleep: you'll receive access to 21 days of electronic sleep education from Dr. Payne and a Dreaming Domers Sleep Toolkit.

A program with results

Participants in the program report gaining an average of an entire extra hour of sleep per night after completing the 21 Day program.  Additionally, improved sleep hygiene habits are reported, including an increase in naps.

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The Dreaming Domers program is free and available to all Notre Dame students during the academic year. Registration is currently paused for the summer but will resume again in Fall 2018.